Family Wisdom from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari — Robin Sharm

19 10 2007

Just finished this book recently. The story follows through the character, Julian Mantle, the monk who sold his ferrari. Having learnt the lessons for the Sages in the mountains, he returns to share insights and teachings relating to the family and parenting. In this book, he shares these lessons with his sister, Catherine, a career woman whom, in the pursuit of success at the workplace, sacrifices her time with her kids and family. Through an near-death accident, she re-priorities, and with the help of Julian, learns more about the lessons.

Why this is a good read:

Robin Sharma uses an engaging and entertaining manner of writing, wrapping life’s lessons with the use of fictional characters that feel so real, as well as the use of quotes, teachings from books and other authors to bring the reader into the ideas that he wants to share.

Particularly for parents who strive to teach their kids well, the story relates how children learn best when parents lead by example. To teach our children, we need to practise those concepts and guide them through life.

Reading through each lesson, also known as mastery of family wisdom in the book, the story touches the heart in a simple manner.  I shed tears when reading some of the chapters in the book.




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