The Monk who Sold his Ferrari — Robin Sharma

19 10 2007

One of the first books to be read in his series of inspirational stories, Robin Sharma creates this character, Julian Mantle, a high-flyer lawyer who seem to have it all. After a heart attack, Julian decides to quit his job and goes on a journey to understand himself.

Julian comes back to share the life’s lessons with a lawyer, over-worked. Again, using quotes, references from other books, the lessons are shared and reinforced. As we go through the story, it’s as if we are listening to a live seminar, learning those lessons.

Random quotes found:

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual
beings having a human experience.  ”

Why this is a good read:

In many self-help books, the style of writing is in the form of tips, checklists, exercises. There’s a lot of work to be done, and I lose interest after awhile. A fictional story tends to bring the reader in, engaging the reader. The story-telling method seems less threatening, and as one gets further into the story, you may not help but to pause and think if those “lessons” apply and how you can try to apply those lessons like the characters in the book.




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2 09 2008

One of the ever best books that i came across in my hobby of reading inspiratinal books. Simply hats off to the master who changed my life without even meeting me or talking to me for the single time. Words do have power. Its proved

11 12 2008
stephens bazroy

i would is a terrific book. it made me look life in different dimension. in which you can do wonderful things and gives motivation to live balance life.

26 06 2009

It is one of the best books that has changed my life, the way I think and the way I am going to live starting from this day.

16 09 2009
nishkam suryapani

it is truly mindbogling and pathbreaking book for everyone i really enjoyed every word every sentence every page every chapter,truly…………..

26 08 2010

This book is so powerful! it has saved me from the depths of despair!! although i would like to believe the great Julian Mantle is actually real? can anyone confirm?

26 08 2010

I’m not sure if Julian Mantle exists (it may be a combination of several individuals). Perhaps you would like to check with the author?

19 12 2012

According to a write-up, Julian Mantle is not a real person, but he was created to help the writer connect with the reader. Much more interesting to read as a story than to read as if it were a seminar!!
It is GREAT GREAT reading (I actualy did the audiobook, also very well done)

4 09 2010

Hello sir…, this is naveen…. I really love this book….it had changed my life…. I have realised how i was wasted my life…. Now iam realised…. Thanku for providing such book for weary soul’s:-):-):)… Who made self enlighted….

4 11 2010

I just read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – and easy read. Nothing earth shattering, but some good tips in there.

My recap is here:

5 11 2010

If you’ve read other books with similar themes, I agree that yes, some of the information is nothing new. I was inspired when I first read the book because of the way it’s written – it’s really easy to follow, and be connected.

28 01 2012


Did you write any “earth shattering” books that you have written or can you please let us know any of your “mind blowing” spiritual experiences that you had (if at all!) ? I think it is easy to comment on someone else’s work but we all need to understand that with a great effort, Mr. Sharma has created this marvel which helped and is helping lot of people look at life is a real positive perspective. Sorry if I asked the question a little harshly above – but just think before giving negative comments on anything. Negative comments have much more profound impact on any human brain than a positive one. Just some food for your brain – Read the latest book “Incognito by David Eaglemen”. This is not a spiritual book, but a general psychological related one. All the best!

2 06 2013
Munirajarathinavel poovan

Hi dude, I ordered the book “Incognito”. thanks for the reference.

19 02 2012

I found this book to be beautifully written. Some of the thoughts were new to me and others were ones that I am familiar with but needed a reminder of their importance. One of the readers above has asked if Julian is a real live person, from what I have found he is not. The question is, does that matter? We all know that Santa clause is a fictional character yet he brings magic and goodness to children all over the world. The teachings go much deeper than the possible reality of this character. We should be reading this book to our children while pulling the plug on the X-box. We should all be inspired and stay inspired to better individuals in en ever growing complicated world. Be happy everyone and hug someone today!

24 05 2012
Soumen Das

Initially found the book ” The monk who sold his ferrai” not so interesting, maybe no such incidents happened in my life. But when I took reading the “The secret Letters of the monk who sold his ferrari” I found that it was similarly based on my life. Great work R.S.

1 07 2012

initially, i thought julian mantle is real. But when Yogi Raman talks abt Kaizen in his short story to julian, i realized that robin created julian

27 07 2012
freerk H

just started to read this book beccause I was curious to see how far this genre has come since the ’60s. I have heard this story before … over and over again. It seems fantastical that some well to do individual can just up and leave a perfectly good life give up all the trappings of a successfull carreer to spout of about how we can all become “enlightened” I have rent to pay children to feed and a job that requires my attention and focus. I cannot drop it all and pursue some mythical “Sage” and a social order that is out of touch with my and many other’s reality. I cannot afford to sit on a mountain top and try to get in touch with my “inner self” The Tax man Cometh and he could careless about my “journey to some etherial” place.
Also, Robin must be doing pretty well for himself having been published all over the world. Royalties pay for a lot of real estate and maybe not Ferraris but a lot of Cadillacs. Hmmmm? Great theory tho’ … profitable too eh?

27 07 2012

Selling an idea and a hope can be profitable if that person is good at it.

I think the main idea is to be aware of what you want in life, and how you are working towards that. Enlightenment does not mean that someone has to go and sit in the mountain top. It’s really about becoming self-aware and going within to know oneself. Society has its way and processes, but as individuals, we need to find our way around all these systems and do what’s right for ourselves.

28 07 2012

Well… true enough. I don’t object to a person wanting to better themselves spiritually, mentally, physically. It’s a good thing. But It’s just that there are so many individuals who have supposedly “found the way” and they become rich on telling other folks about it. I guess that’s OK too why not eh?
At any rate, I’m going to finish the book and glee from it what I can

2 06 2013
Munirajarathinavel poovan

I have read all the aforementioned comments by the readers on this work. In fact I haven’t complete reading this book by this time. I have the book and read through some initial 20 pages and ended writing here as the curiosity of finding the avatar of julian mantle on web pages. But surprisingly he is fictional. Anyhow I have framed an avatar to julian mantle in my mind, I am going to continue reading the book hoping he lived. Definitely there would be such characters in reality with some other names, we might not aware. I was stressed with pressure from familial, financial, professional life and was in fear if I develop heart attack or stroke as a result, but by reading some 20 pages my view on perceiving things changed. Now for past few days I rest peacefully with no tension and started loving my dear and near ones much more than ever before. I got the hope on life and love to live the rest of life finding myself. As said by one of the above friends who commented on this book, to find ourselves we need not to sit high in himalayas. The way to find the self may differ from individual to individual. None other than you can find yourself. Yogis sitting in himalayas never went to school to master this art. We can realize ourself sitting anywhere if we believe ourselves, Quit the habit of finding fault with the work or the author and use this priceless book to enhance your life. I am confident and happy that this book has brought a tremendous change in me and its goinog to change my life positively. Hats off to the author.

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