My second Christmas in New Zealand

26 12 2007

The Christmas in New Zealand is another pleasant surprise for me. Being in the southern hemisphere, I realised that December is actually Summer (the Silly Season). So, instead of celebrating a white(or Winter) Christmas, the people here spend this most celebrated festive season with their family and friends over a barbecue, many go to the beaches on Christmas day morning, around the Pohutukawatrees, the New Zealand Christmas Tree. Going to the cemetery to pay respect to their loved ones who have passed on is also a tradition for some.

Many companies will “shutdown” over the 2 weeks between Christmas and the New Year. So, many people will go on leaves on the days besides the statutory holidays, and they will travell around the country. The Auckland CBD is basically a ghost town on Christmas day. This is also partly because Christmas day is one of the 3.5 days where all shops must be closed by law.

Christmas in New Zealand, Auckland particularly, is as commercialised as any other big cities. About 2 to 3 weeks before Christmas, it’s said $1 billion was spent every week. Although the traditional values of Christmas is very much alive here, for example the spirit of giving. Unfortunately, to many, it’s no more just about the thoughts, but it’s more about how expensive the present is. As it turn out, Christmas can be a stressful time for some.

Boxing day sale is the highlight on well, Boxing day, which is a statutory holiday. All the shops and businesses offer excellent discounts, personally I do no encourage consumerism, but for someone who is well planned, one is able to get some very good bargains on this day. It’s said some people actually shop for Christmas presents on Boxing day, of course, for the next Christmas. 🙂

Finally, my damage for this Christmas:

Christmas 2007



2 responses

26 12 2007

I see chocolates!!! Is that all that was on sale? I would have thought more books 🙂

27 12 2007

Heh heh… those are the presents I bought for the people I was visiting. Surprisingly, I did not find anything of interesting in the Boxing day sales.

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