The Tenth Insight by James Redfield

15 02 2008

This is the sequel to the first book, “The Celestine Prophecy”. Following the adventure of the first book, the characters seek to find and understand the Tenth Insight. This holds the key to understanding the growth for humanity, moving to the next dimension/a new era and world that we know.

I haven’t finished the book at the moment.

It has touched me in many ways because the story gives me an indication of the various things happening around me. The world today, who we are, what we are meant to do.

In the book, we go on a journey in this physical dimension, coming with our birth vision. This birth vision gives one an indication of the experiences that one will go through in this physical world, and in learning the lessons, one will achieve what he is meant to do. All these are the best scenarios, of course, upon birth, we forget all these past memories, and go through life. What we have are our feelings, emotions as guidance, and our ability to feel and learn.

Through remembering our birth visions, and going through a Life Review, hopefully when we are still in this physical world, as we intend and manifest our best intentions, and the divine source, connected through love, collectively, we co-create with others what we want on this Earth. This is the World Vision, and for the different soul groups to be connected and merged, we have to be connected at the physical dimension, connected with other individuals to remember, resolve past emotions and conflict, and work together to create the reality for us.

It can sound religious, but this book is not geared towards specific religious groups.

Big picture, spiritual connection.

As above, so below. When we know who we really are, what we are meant to do, we go on a journey to create the very reality that we seek.

If you ask me a few years back, this book won’t be in my reading list. I think the right books with the right words happen in one’s life only if you are ready to notice and be open to receiving those messages.

At this point in time, I’m keen to find out more about such topics. That’s why my list of books for now are mostly in this direction. I don’t always have the right words to review all the books, I just feel them, either in sync with what is said and written or otherwise.

If you enjoyed “The Celestine Prophecy”, have a read of this book. It continues the journey and like watching Star Wars, you want to find out what happens to the characters in the story.



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