Customer service

30 01 2009

Bought a pair of comfy walking shoes recently and of all days, the elastic band came off just before the Chinese New Year holidays.

It was my first pair of shoes from this brand. They have been advertising on their comfort level and “airy-ness” of the shoe to avoid foul smells. None of the designs (nor prices) attracted me enough, but that day, with the mood to buy, I saw one pair that was going at a price with discounts that I was happy to pay and the comfort was there.

Therefore, my disappointment when the elastic band came off when I was doing shopping. Next day, I brought the pair of shoes to the retail shop, and decided to ask for it to be repaired.

The sales people aren’t used to such requests, I felt. First question I was asked: Did the band fell off by itself? (Obviously, would I be so silly to pull it out myself?!)

I didn’t have my receipt anymore since it was already 2-3 weeks from the purchase date. They took my name and contact number, gave me a note to say that they have collected XX model, size Y on X date and put a company stamp on it.

I haven’t heard from the store yet, yesterday I spoke to the salesperson and was told that due to the CNY holidays, the HQ has not seen my shoes yet (???@!!!). I gave them the benefit of doubt, and requested that someone contact me early next week to let me know if they can repair it or whether there would be a replacement.

Out of curiousity, I went online to search for their company website, there wasn’t a country site for us, and I saw this note when I clicked on the “Customer Service” section.

“Coming soon”.

Enough said 😛


A sales person called today to inform that they will replace the shoes with a new pair, or I could choose another design. I’m choosing to get the same design, but perhaps a smaller size. Also requested to have the half insoles and the leather heel liners back from the faulty pair of shoes 🙂

The salesperson said he would call me again once my original pair of shoes are sent back to the retail shop. Another few more days of waiting!




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