LOA? Consideration for others

5 02 2009

Recently I had several experiences with inconsiderate people.

1. At a baby changing room

The design of this room is longish and between the entrance to the nursing/changing area is the width of a path that could probably just fit maximum 3 prams.

We parked our prams front and back of each other, so that there was space for other people to move into the changing/nursing area. There was this lady, who had a double pram, trying to move out of the changing room, so I carried one of my kid, in order to make way for the lady.

She decided to stop in the middle of path, and continued chatting with another friend who also had a kid, and they were chatting about how this lady got the double pram, and how the pram doesn’t go on the escalator in the mall because it’s too wide.

All these chatting continued for awhile, and I was still carrying my kid + being heavily pregnant. The entire walkway was blocked, and had anyone else tried to enter or exit the changing room, it was totally impossible.

I could only roll my eyes. Should have reminded that woman to stop chatting and move out so that others can move within the room.

2. Inconsiderate taxi driver

A lady with a toddler, a pram and a young kid went to board the cab before me. It was drizzling, and this lady first put her toddler and bags into the cab, then carried her baby, and then she had no hands to keep the pram and put that pram into the boot of the taxi.

Usually I would expect the taxi driver to come down from the taxi, and help the passengers especially in such a situation.

Not at all. Instead the driver just sat in his cab and waited.

Seeing how this lady was struggling, i put down my big bag of stuff, trying to find a dry spot on the floor. Proceeded to help this lady fold her pram and put the pram into the boot of the cab.


The 2nd incident happened just after I spoke to a friend who had an accident. A taxi cut into his lane, hitting him at the handlebar, causing him to lose control of his bike, and he ended up staying in the hospital for a few days. Another friend concluded that most cab drivers are bad drivers and I was just commenting to a friend that I was lucky to have met mostly good drivers. I did think about some examples of bad taxi drivers, and perhaps I could have focused too much on the examples.

Just the day after, I see this incident where the cab driver is inconsiderate.

LOA at work?

Just felt that there are things that can make this place a better one for everyone.

If we all can put a little thought and consideration for others, there’s really no need for courtesy campaigns. I pray for the day that we will all respect the public space, be a little more considerate and share the common spaces with others.

The world will be a better place.




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