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6 04 2009

Saw a TV ad last evening.

The setting was at a funeral. The wife was speaking to everyone and instead of talking about how good her husband was, she spoke about how he snored, imitating the sounds he made when asleep, sometimes waking himself up with his own snore. It was funny, and then, she told everyone, it’s the familiar snores that reminds her that he was still alive when his cancer got worse.

The thing that striked me the most was this phrase that she said to her children.

“I wish you will find someone as imperfectly perfect as your Dad.”

I teared hearing that phrase.

Some of us spend our lives, trying to find the perfect partner, perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, only to realise that there’s no perfection. Even if that one person manages to come across as perfect in the courtship days, when the honeymoon period is over, the imperfections or the very quirky bits that attracts become the qualities that irk the most.

A friend mention that there’s no such thing as a long term relationship because humans are not built that way. It is all about breeding, the survival of species. When the brood is completed, the relationship does not hold any more purpose, so the parties would move on.

But it is things like the ad that reminds one that relationships, especially marriage, is not just about breeding or producing the next generation. It is that, plus a whole lot more. Humankind are not animals, some of us may sow the seeds to produce the next generation, but it’s the bond and the family and a strong marriage that nurtures the very little person that is “produced”.

Appreciation of a person as he or she is, is often not the easiest to do. How do we look beyond the appearance, the perception of who we think the person is, versus who they really are, is at best, a skill we acquire with experience. Some of us are good at “sizing” up people, some of us truly see people as they are.

Whatever it is, the basis of family, I believe, is built on a strong marriage, which is backed up by a great partnership and love between 2 people. With this basis, a strong family unit can be built, and the children can benefit from the love and joy of this partnership and be the best that they can be.

I pray that the day where we build love upon love can become wide-spread, and more nuclus family can have a strong bond and love.



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9 04 2009

Another meaningful video: The Lost Generation

27 07 2009

RIP, Yasmin Ahmad. The director of this MCYS message.

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