Another cab drove off

6 04 2010

Yet another encounter of a cab driving off, after seeing our family size.

3 adults, 2 toddlers and 1 baby in hand. That’s too many?!

Legally, the current family size is still ok. Obviously as the kids grow older, there’s no way we can fit all into one cab. So here’s the deal with the govt. campaign of encouraging people to have more kids. On one hand, they give parents tax rebates when you have more kids, a co-savings child development account (with a cap of course) depending on the birth order.

The other hand, we have logistics issues —

  • MRTs that do not always have lifts, so better practice that escalator technique with prams/strollers. Try pushing in 2 prams and manage the stares from other passengers.
  • Buses that aren’t really friendly to prams/strollers, plus the steps that you have to manage with prams in one hand, kid in the other.
  • And then, we come to taxis, who decide that there’s too many of us. Let’s not even try to be environmentally friendly with CNG cabs — NO boot space for 2 prams!

Buy a car?

Sure. Start with a 7-seater if we want to fit in 3 child seats. And no one else can travel with us.

The cost? Try 70K minimum, not sure about the cost for a used car.

This is on top of trying to save for the kids, managing the daily costs of diapers and milk + other costs/childcare costs.

I am happy with having 3 kids, but if the govt wants to encourage couples to have more kids, I think the dynamics of the society would need to change. We need to be more considerate to others, public transport would have to cater for people with various needs (with the handicapped). Slopes and wheelchair/pram friendly entrances and exits at MRT stations should be more inclusive (not just at selected exits, and with some exits being 50m apart, how do you expect the wheelchair bound people to push through the roads just to get to an entrance/exit to their destination?)

So much for public transport.



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