Update on my reading list

24 11 2010

I have been reading furiously, seldom seen without a book
on my way to work. These are titles that I have finished:

  • A little light on the Spiritual Laws by Diana
  • New light on Ascension by Diana
  • Discover Atlantis by Diana
  • Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive
    People by Rich DeVos

Some titles that I’m
reading now:

  • Writing Tools – 50 Essential
    Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark
  • The Pleiadian Workbook – Awakening your Divine Ka by
    Amorah Quan Yin

In a bid to refresh my
memory before I catch the movie, I read “Harry Potter and The
Deathly Hallows” again. This time round, I spent less time, and was
skimming most of the time. After I started reading
Writing Tools, I realised that JK Rowling’s
writing can be improved based on the tips mentioned in the book.
The author used her book as an example of overly using adverbs,
where the adverb does not do anything for the verb. Quote the
author: “If you want to make more money than the Queen of England,
maybe you should use more adverbs” 😛 Fruit for thought?
Discover Atlantis This book covers the
world of the Atlantean times, where “the spiritual level of the
planet was the highest it has ever been, and the people enjoyed
incredible psychic gifts as well as technology and spiritual powers
beyond our current comprehension.” The book covered the
lessons and gifts that the various living beings bring, from the
plants, animals to the ways of living during that period of time.
After reading this book, and the Spiritual Laws
and New light on Ascension, I have
some ideas on how I’m living now, and there has been some impact on
my diet as well. More on that next time. Other
I love magazines, specifically fashion and
female magazines. I love the layouts, photography, typography (aka
fonts), the design of the pages, editorial styles. I started
reading Teens and Teenage,
, both of which I do not read now since I have
passed that stage. Female, Her World don’t
really interest me too much due to the bulk of advertisements and
the content isn’t great as well. I
love 8 Days for the latest updates on what’s
new in town, some of the columns, the bits on entertainment.
Simply Her has been enjoyable though lately,
the articles aren’t great (there’s some recycling after some time).
I would buy Easy Living (UK edition)
occasionally, depending on the cover, and the articles in it.
Glamour (UK edition) and InStyle (US
are fun reads, only for browsing in the
bookstore or during my visit to the hair salon or clinic. Fun reads
at different times, and the more in-depth reading when time



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