Connection with others

7 05 2008

I wonder how many people keep in touch with those that they know through their lives.

I have friends whom I’m still in touch with for decades, since school days. Friends who I know when I was young, keeping in touch by snail mail, in the form of greeting cards every year. Colleagues who became friends. Once in a while, I also keep in touch with those that I’ve clicked with, even if I’ve only knew them for a short while.

Other times, I’m just bored. Trying to look for someone to talk to over MSN, only to realise that that person may no longer have common topics with me, or that we have grown apart.

Connecting with others, finding out how they are, sharing stories and life experiences are things that many people like to do. How many really do bother to keep contact with their “old time” friends from school days unless they had fun then? How many would take the effort to do that when they are caught up with work, life, interests etc?

I’m glad I’ve made the effort to connect with new people, with those that have crossed my paths before, and those I grew up with. That type of connection needs effort from both parties, and time to grow that connection.

Have you connected with someone recently?