Subjects in school

18 06 2008

A conversation with cityhermit spark this thought: Who decided that we should be taking subjects like Maths, English, History, Geography, Art and Craft, Physics, Chemistry  etc in school?

Talking about the value of the information that we had to learn in school, be tested on. How did all these apply to real life, and would we ever get value from all those that we had to memorize just to get through the exams?

Why don’t we learn applicable and useful information that would help us cope in real life?  Some topics that we thought about:

– Personal Finances and Budget planning
– Human relationship: how to work with people effectively
– How to find your purpose in life
– Staying motivated
– How to change light bulbs and simple repairs at home
– Stress management

Like Literature, how many of us really know how to use Shakespeare’s English? How many of us use differentiation and integration at work? Even so, how many of us apply the information we get from History or geography and apply it in real life?

How did we cope with studying 8 subjects in the same year and pass the exams?

Should someone be looking at revamping the education system??

Questions questions…something worth pondering