Parenting and sanity

27 02 2008

The recent chain of events with the kids falling sick, last minute rush to shop for Lunar New Year just made it harder to remain calm and collected.

Stressful situations make one either crack up in pressure, and helps you grow if you allow it. Sometimes there’s just no other way around it, but to go through the process head on.

After the whole event, take a break. Spend time alone, with friends, with the spouse.

Window shop, a good massage, catching up with friends.

To be a good parent, I strongly recommend spending some time alone, without the kids. Facing the kids 24/7 may not be healthy, and taking timeout to pamper oneself just to have a breather recharges you and keeps the sanity in tact.

It’s also important that there are alternative childcare arrangements and a good support network to help so that there’s timeoff. All care-givers would need this break to recharge, some need them more than others.

I find having a regular job makes me become a better parent in that I have more energy with the kids when I get home, being financially independent also means I help with the family expenses, I can pamper myself and spend some on the kids. It’s not the only possible arrangement, some women are just able to be full-time stay home mums.

When mummy and daddy are happy, the kids will be happy too and vice versa.