Ready or Not Here We Come!… by Elizabeth Lyons

16 10 2007
Ready or Not Here We Come!: The Real Experts' Guide to the First Year With Twins

Ready or Not Here We Come!: The Real Experts’ Guide to the First Year With Twins

Ready or Not . . . There We Go!:  The REAL Experts' Guide to the Toddler Years with Twins

Ready or Not . . . There We Go!: The REAL Experts’ Guide to the Toddler Years with Twins

Having twins myself, I find that many of the pregnancy, parenting books are not always suitable because they don’t tell me how to manage my unique situation. Parenting books, in many cases, tend to be very informational (which works in most cases) and lengthy.

I saw this title while surfing Amazon for parenting-related books, and decided to try the local library just to see if they have the titles. Picked up the “First Year” book when the kids were just over a year old. Brought it with me while going for a business trip, and in that 2 day trip, I finished reading the book. Half the time on the flights, I was trying to control my laughter, because the descriptions and scenarios in the book was so apt!

The “Toddler Years” series covers a balance. Issues, problems that may occur during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year are covered, but parents are better off with other parenting books if you are looking for details. Different strategies recommended by various books are discussed briefly as well, so this presents a good overview of what has been covered in other books, and some observations and opinions from the author and her community of mummies with twins. She also includes sections for daddies and also topics on keeping the marriage alive, having our time away, letting go of the need to have control over everything once in awhile to keep your sanity intact.

Why this is a good read:

The situations may be something that only twin mummies (or daddies) can relate, but boy, is the author spot-on! She has a pair of twins and 2 other kids, a full time home maker, and the strategies described in the book is practical. Got to give it to her, she copes with 4 kids and no external help! Amazing.

Preferred the “First Year” book for the humour and perhaps, because I’m still going through the Toddler years, I’m not at the stage yet to look back, reminisce about the good old times.