Adrenalin rush

25 04 2008

The heart needs a good workout sometimes, a break from the monotony of daily life.

I took a ride on a friend’s motorbike – something I haven’t done for a long time.

I was really scared, worried even. It was just a ride home, how bad could it be?

I figure, it won’t be that bad. So much as my heart was pumping hard, I took a leap of faith and accepted that ride home.

Started with my hands on the side handles of my seat. Scared shit! It really felt very insecure when we are turning. End up asking my friend if I could just put my hand on his shoulders 😛 That felt rather embarassing but what the heck? Better admit that I’m scared than to fall off the bike right?

Next feeling: the naked feeling on the road. I can feel the wind, as well as the dust. I could feel that the journey was much shorter because we were constantly on the move along the highway. I also tried not to put all my weight or hold my friend’s shoulders too firmly 😛

In less than 15 mins, I was home safe.

It wasn’t that bad! I survived!