Chinese New Year is near..

1 02 2008

How do we tell that the Chinese New Year is coming?

– You see more reds, orange, bright colours and chino designs and clothes in the departmental stores and boutiques

– The queues at Lim Chee Guan (bak kwa) get longer each day nearing to CNY.

– More television programmes on CNY traditions, goodies (where to buy) and such.

– Recycled CNY TV commercials for bak kwa, hua diao jiu, abalone

– Longer queues at the bank to change for new notes

– Chinatown gets decorated extensively

– News of Chinese restaurants and hotels being fully booked for reunion dinners.

– Prices of green vegetables, bak kwas and all CNY related goodies increased

– Hair salon prices increases during the festive seasons

– Renovators and contractors rushing to finish work

– Bus tickets to Malaysia fully booked.

– Supermarkets having boxes of mandarin oranges, drinks and condiments outside the store

– Mediacorp plays 2008 Music videos of the actors and actresses, news readers singing to re-arranged CNY tunes

– News of Jack Neo’s latest CNY blockbuster appears on TV and newspapers.





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